Double Wardrobes


Doubles are ideal for long gowns, shows with multiple costume changes or large costumes requiring lots of space. Standard: Vents & webbing to hold clothes in place.  Options: Cedar lining to keep clothes fresh, ironing board & steamer compartments, locks.

Drawers are a common solution but wig & shoe compartments or sweater shelves are also regular features.  Double hanging bars are suitable for men's suits and clothing

This case stands 60" (H) x 26" (D, closed position) x 40" (W) OD


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nWardrobes can be lined with cedar (right)  or carpet (standard, above).  The Top cabinet is ideal for folded items or loose goods.  

This case stands 48" (W, closed position)  x 30" (D)x 72" (H) OD.



Double wardrobes color coordinated for easy identification.

Velvet lining. 

Drawers with vents to air out clothes.

Top compartments for easy storage at hard to reach heights.

Double hanging bars good for pants & shirts/tops.


AThThe conductor's wardrobe has room for tux or tails, drawers for shirts, shoes and accessories.

A split door allows for a mirror on the left and flip-up table on the right.

The case is lined in cedar to keep clothes fresh.



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Jan-Al Make Up Cases provide consistent lighting and a reliable image for artist on the road.

The cases are made to stack on a dolly also built by Jan-Al.  The mirrors are high quality, the light bars are pre-wired and the case comes with a/c boxes for hair dryers and other make up essentials.


Make up and wardrobe become one and the same for economy of scale and money.  This case is lined in velvet for the extra touch of luxury.

Vents are standard, velvet is optional.


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