This dynamic combination is ideal for light duty and carry-on situations.  Bumpers offer protection and act as feet and levelers.  On racks, the casters can be located in the doors and disappear during use.


Two styles of handles and casters are available.  Jan-Al designers choose the correct handle and caster based on the user's environment.  Surface-mounted handles are not appropriate for checking on airlines or shipping with common carriers.

Jan-Al now offers RhinoSkin to reduce case weight by up to 30%. RhinoSkin is available in black, gray and blue.


Jan-Al uses a similar case as the one above, left as a tool box for on-site repairs. Above right illustrates skids that double as feet.  This is an ideal case for carrying projectors or other small equipment around town.  For airlines just substitute a recessed handle.

Maximum weight for Rhinoracers is approximately 75lbs.

Rhinoracer handles come in two and three position lengths of 12" and 17".

If your case is 30" or longer you can use a regular recessed handle and edge casters.


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