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Studio Racks

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Jan-Al "Monster Rack"



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Jan-Al "TechnoShock"



2" Shockmount Mixer Rack (Shown with rear lid & table option)

 Pull Over Clamp Style Case, 1" foam shock lining with removable rack (Shown without lid)

Standard  Rack (Shown without removable front & rear  lids)

2" Shockmount  Rack (Shown without removable front & rear  lids)

Standard  Effects Rack




Shockmount Mixer Rack (4 Space)



Studio Without Walls  1" Shockmount Touring  & Effects Racks  

Nate Kunkel Mixing  Session At Clift Hotel For Robin Williams Live Album

  ISObox Post Rack  (Shown without removable front and rear lids.)

Featuring a patented microprocessor which provides fail safe features such as audible default alarm, thermostatically controlled fans, easy to read digital thermometer and inline fan indicators. Insulated Lexan front door adds greater noise reduction.

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This complete editing system incorporates a Jan-Al double-wide shockmount rack & an ISObox post rack. The front lid becomes a free standing table and the rear lid is used to mount the speakers and flatscreen monitors, while in use and during travel.

This ultimate plug & play system was designed and integrated by Arcatron of Phoenix, AZ and is owned by Laredo Productions.

Touring Shockmount Effects Rack. Owned by Ben Harper 

1" & 2" Shockmount Racks are part of the control system used to run the Digidesign booth.

Shockmount  Triple Wide Birch Rack

Flipper Door Shockmount Rack

Flipper doors & welded steel frame, shockmounted rack.



Heavy Duty Touring Shockmount Amp Racks

Supporting 500+ Lbs.



Rhinoracer 6 Space Rack

Case shown holds a Pro Tools/ HD 3 System that includes:

192 I/O Audio Interface

Focusrite 430 Producer pack (Mic Pre, compressor, EQ, Limiter, Gate, De-Esser, Etc.)

Magma 4 slot expansion chassis containing a Pro Tools HD core card and two HD Process cards. (Not shown but also part of this system, a rackmounted headphone amp and rackmounted power strip.)

This system, with the addition of a Mac Titanium laptop is a totally self-contained mobile recording, editing, mixing and/or live applications system.  It has been used at trade shows as well as many Pro Tools clinics.  

The case was built by Jan-Al for Digidesign's John Conolly.  It easily fits into a car, is rated for air travel and is economical.  Other design configurations are available.



Screen Vent On The Wall of A Shockmount Rack


Rhino Jr.  Racks

Non Recessed Hardware



Jan-Al also provides rack accessories  including:

Rack Drawers

Rack Shelves

Rack Monitors For PC or Apple

rack accessories


Special Shockmounts

Ace Products (Kaces)

Rackmount Cases

Custom Wood Racks


Rack Screws

Rack Vents

Ruggedized Racks

Hubbell Connectors & AC Strips

Furman Products

Rack Cases


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Rack Spaces

Rackable Height

2 3 1/2"
3 5 1/4"
4 7"
5 8 3/4"
6 10 1/2"
7 12 1/4"
8 14
9 15 3/4"
10 17 1/2"
11 19 1/4"
12 21"
13 22 3/4"
14 24 1/2"
15 26 1/4"
16 28"
17 29 3/4"
18 31 1/2"
19 33 1/4"
20 35
21 36 3/4"
22 38 1/2"
23 40 1/4"
24 42"
25 43 3/4"

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