Jan-Al Mixing Console Cases


Yamaha PM5D-RH with nosecone and doghouse and built-in rack (view from the inside of the doghouse rack).  Standard doghouse with 2 stage double rear door.

 See Anatomy of a Doghouse

A mixer case comes in three basic configurations: a simple tray with cable trough, a tray with a Doghouse or a tray with a Nosecone & Doghouse (see CASE STYLES to understand the POC concept).


We have built doghouses with steel frames, single door, double door, one and two stage doors, anything that makes the console accessible.

Jan-Al designers study the layout of a board, its size, and weight and user requirements.  We listen to customer feedback.  Tell us what you like.


 Yamaha M7CL is positioned above the tray for access to under-console phone & talk-back inputs.  Allen & Heath GL2800 with standard Doghouse.

Medium frame consoles can be made with doghouses or simple cable troughs depending on applications and budgets.


We have design files for every major console manufacturer: Allen & Heath, Crest, Midas, Digidesign, Soundcraft, Mackie, Yamaha, Behringer, and lighting board manufacturers and others

Cable troughs are an ideal solution for smaller (24-32 channels) consoles that have top or back connectors. 

This design is less expensive and provides plenty of support for lighter weight consoles.



SSL AWS 900+ and Digidesign D-Command consoles combine leg compartments for ease i setting up.

Console tilt-frames and built-in compartments available on request

Midas Venice boards and the small frame consoles such as the Allen & Heath Mix Wiz, Behringers, Mackie VLZs and small Onyx often fit best in mixer top racks

We have design files for every major lighting board manufacturer and we design complementary accessories such as racks and cable trunks.



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