Briefcases, Portfolios

& Tool Kits

Slim Briefcases

This elegant case is a mere 2 1/8" deep yet holds everything you need Available with or without a pocket. Carpet lined with one lock

17.25x12x2.375 ID

This case can be adapted to fit laptops





Laptop Cases

15" - 18.5 x 12.5 x 2.75 ID

17" - 20 x 12.5 x 2.75ID

Laptop cases come with foam in the bottom and lid unless there is a pocket in the lid.  Discuss options with your salesman. Carpet lined with one lock


Tool Cases

Jan-Al offers several different tool pallets.  Discuss the type of tools to select the pallet (sets) you prefer. Carpet lined with one lock

Standard tool case dims

18 x 12 x 6  or 18 x 12 x 8

Jan-Al will make any size tool Kit to fit your needs.  Just call and ask to speak to our designers






Standard Briefcases

Carpet lined with a pocket & one lock

17.25 x 12.00 x 3.75

17.25 x 12.00 x 4.25

17.25 x 12.00 x 6








Custom made to fit the artist 

There are no standards

there are no standard artists



Jan-Al Cases offers many other types of packaging solutions.

We also offer many plastic molded cases and canvas alternatives.  Ask a designer for assistance is solving your unique issues.  


Clients bring us their ideas including materials they want used, special fabric requests and even the fantastic.


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3339 Union Pacific Avenue, Los Angeles

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