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Modalities Case with Pop Up Lid

Becomes a medical station, all you have to do is plug in the extension cord from the back of the case.

This multipurpose trunk holds everything for a road trip from large medical supplies to video equipment.

Jan-Al Designers can organize drawers for travel and secure

the smallest parts or packets, dividers are fixed or moveable.

Tape spindles can be permanent or removable.  Our foam department can make foam insterts for anything that can drop into a drawer or store on a shelf.

Blue bins pull out and the lids open up.

They are 6.625"x3.5"x2.5" ID

Tilt bins come in two sizes, medium and large.

Whether you are designing for a large or small team, this type

of system can be configured as double stackers or singles

solos or total systems.

Let a Jan-Al designer help you plan the dimensions

for travel by plane, bus, van or truck.

 Teams that use Jan-Al Cases

Los Angeles Dodgers Atlanta Braves Minnesota Twins New York Yankees 

  Arizona Diamondbacks Oakland A's San Francisco Giants 

San Diego Padres Anaheim Angels Chicago White Sox  

Milwaukee Brewers Seattle Mariners St. Louis Cardinals and many many more!

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